Friday, March 21, 2014

[magical potions]

I wonder why they don't sell these anymore. Especially the one that cures diseases of all description.

Happy Friday everyone! J

Thursday, March 20, 2014

[Bruce Munro art installations]

My poor, poor, much neglected blog. My blogging has gone through many ebbs and flows through the years and I think I just go through periods when I think that there's no rhyme or reason for my blog. Plus our winter has been so long and cold, it's hard to find motivation for things when you just want to hibernate.

But today I want to share these photos with you - artist BRUCE MUNRO's art installations made with ordinary cd's. What a brilliant way to show that you can make something beautiful out of anything. And of course I extra love these installations because of my love for circles. 

Thank you for any of you who faithfully show up when I do share something. I do hope my blog brings some sunshine to someone's life.