Thursday, June 30, 2011

{canada day garland & cupcake toppers}

i love Canada Day. 
i've been in Canada for 20 years now and it feels like home. i absolutely love the Canadian National Anthem. i can hardly ever sing it without getting all emotional.
please feel free to use these graphics i made. if you do, i'd really appreciate it if you came back and left a link here so that i could see what you made with them. please link to this blog posting if you want to share the graphics with others. thanks! :)

i made 3" columns in a Microsoft Word document (so that i could punch the circles with my 3" circle punch).
i printed mine on photopaper but cardstock would work too.

cake toppers:
same thing except that i used 2" columns & circle punch. i glued a maple leaf & we love canada ones together with a cake tester in the middle.

ps. if you'd like my microsoft word documents for all of the above, please leave me a comment with your e-mail address.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


another quick trip to calgary. the guys went to a comic & entertainment expo. us girls had fun in an indoor play/party place (it was raining).

i haven't killed them yet.
miracles happen.

edmonton's art gallery

the city hall.
wading in the pool is on our summer to-do list.
this time we went to an art festival and came home with this masterpiece:

who knew... dinosaurs aren't extinct after all. we saw many of them at jurassic forest while on a fieldtrip with sienna's class. they moved and made lots of noise. they look so mean but those short little arms make them look kind of cute. :)

school's over. let the fun begin.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{forgiveness & bruno mars}

two totally unrelated things today. a quote that i like and a song i've been listening to over and over again this week. crazy lyrics if you take them literally but the melody... love it!

Monday, June 20, 2011

{father's day album}

this is what sienna and i did for a father's day gift this year. i put all these photos in an album and each year we'll add more question/answer photos to it. fun to see how the answers will change throughout the years.

meillä sataa ihan hurjasti vettä. oli tosi outoa kun piti jopa käyttää sateenvarjoa. yleensä täällä ei sada paljoakaan. kahden ystävän kellariin on tulvinut. toivon niin hartaasti että meidän sump pump toimii ja meidän kellarikerros pysyy kuivana. ihan outoa kyllä tällainen kaatosade joka jatkuu ja jatkuu. maailma on ihan sekaisin. :)

paljon olisi blogattavaa mutta kun on muka kiire. nytkin pitää mennä ahmimaan pannukakkua. eli heippa! :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


a quick face painting

this was so much fun to color :)

another princess picture for my collection :)

sienna: "these lilacs smell so pretty. it almost makes me cry."

check out this cuter than cute swimsuit i found for a babyshower gift.

and this is what i made for gifts to sienna's teacher + teacher's aid. i hope they'll like them.
i can't believe sienna's almost done with kindergarten. grade one next year which means longer school days for sienna. i'm already missing her. 

{pitkästä aikaa soi tämä cd... ah!}

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{get going!}

now that i have chocolated* myself, i'm hoping to get going on my to-do list.
i need to:
 make gifts for sienna's teachers from the above items, reconcile credit card statements, plan and start working on a father's day gift, book an appointment for a bloodtest & doctor's visit, clean cat puke off the carpet (i forgot he shouldn't have BBQ chicken), change bedsheets & do laundry, submit medical receipts to insurance company, fax some forms to sienna's new school (we won't talk about what happened last time i tried to fax them), wrap a babyshower gift (the cutest creamy pink ruffled swimsuit) and who knows what else i'm forgetting from my list.
lots to do so i better get going. wish me luck. :)

*chocolated myself
(pronounced chocola + ted) 
= filled myself with chocolate in hopes of having some energy after not sleeping enough due to falling asleep for a quick nap late in the evening while putting sienna to bed. long enough sentence for you? :D i know, my english is terrible. if you want to see amazing language skills, this is definately not a blog for you :D
and yes, i made that word up. it should be in the dictionary, don't you think? :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011


tradition in the making: quick surprise drawings on tiny post-it notes for sienna's school snack bag.

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