Friday, December 22, 2017


Our daughter hardly ever gets Nutella, only on special occasions. Sugar just shouldn't be part of breakfast.
But she does love Nutella and Elfie obviously does too.

This was one of those nights when I had no energy to do much. Oh wait - when Elfie just felt like being surrounded with some glittery snowmen. 

Our daughter loved the first piggy ornament so Elfie made her one more.

Holly: "Elfie, you're so tall!"

This is one of my favorites. I wish I could take credit for the idea but saw it online. Elfie's toots smell like Young Living's Peppermint oil. Just so you know.
(an airtight lid kept the scent in the glass jar)

Another quick one - a new animal magazine.

Elfie went swimming.
The floating tube is a new cookie cutter.


Thursday, December 14, 2017

[Such a GREAT idea!!]

Every day in December there is a new Light the World idea.
I absolutely love this Day 1 video! So many great short videos that give you ideas how to bring some Light to those around you during this Christmas season. No one will stop you if you use the ideas year round though. ;)

Light the World Campaign 

[Elfie has been busy]

Elfie showed up again on December 1st. He brought us a new advent calendar which has the Light the World cards and little chocolates for each day.
Elfie arrived riding on a reindeer which our daughter quickly named Holly.

Roasting marshmallows with Holly.
Mmm, clementines.

We had planned to decorate the Christmas tree the next day. I had this idea of setting up our tree and decorating it all funny with new underwear and socks. I was too tired this evening... Oh sorry, Elfie was too tired this evening so the little tree had to do.

Umm guys... Wrong holiday! :)

Elfie brought us NAUGHTY and NICE lists and hoped that we would have more things on the NICE list come Christmas. The NAUGHTY button says "naughty, naughty, naughty!" in a fun British accent. We are to press that and add an "X" on the NAUGHTY list when someone does something NAUGHTY. Sad to report that we have six NAUGHTY X's already. It's been a bit stressful in our household as we are trying to finish our basement (started it from scratch) for Christmas. Thankfully, many NICE things have been reported on the NICE list as well.

Elfie knew that December 6th was a special day for me: 

Finland's 100th Independence Day!

Happy 100 Suomi Finland!

Elfie gave us a lighted snow globe decoration.

Who knew! Elfie plays the cello just like our daughter does. Here he is practicing a Finnish Christmas song about elves called "Tonttujen jouluyö".
Tiptap tiptap tipetipe tiptap!

Fun Christmas magazine for our daughter.

OH BA... NA... NA... NAAAAA!

Robin lives with us. He has Down Syndrome and he loves Star Wars. Elfie remembered to wish him Happy Birthday.

Elfie must have been a bit stressed out this evening. He found a chillaxing spot in a wreath I painted many years ago. He must have been drinking from Young Living's Peace & Calming essential oil bottle. Elfie knows YL oils rock.

All tangled up in a lighted snowman necklace gift.

Elfie knows our daughter loves cute little piggies and made this ornament for her. He must have printed a piggy picture on cardstock and glued it on piggy patterned cardstock.