Wednesday, September 29, 2010

{made by us}

 we have this book called eyeball animation drawing book.
(you could use googly eyes to make something similar.)
here are some things we've drawn in the book. this first one is by me.
 this one is jay's
 sienna's :)
mine :)
 sienna and i have been making all sorts of halloween pumpkins. this one is sienna's.
fun! :)
our first one.
won't be the last, i'm sure. :( 
maybe i'm happy after all that sienna's been sick lately...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


loved (!!!) this book!
funny, romantic, thought provoking, hilarious, excellent!

{this & that}

this & that.
i have to stay true to my blog title. :)
fun idea for photos
UGG leg warmers.
i've always loved long, flowing skirts.
happy tuesday everyone!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

{finland, days 19 & 20}

day 19 & 20 = shopping and visiting with family.
here are some of my purchases: 

i love these marimekko mugs! i drink from them every day now. such simple things but they make me so happy. :)

i wanted to buy these aarikka candleholders so badly (many of them) but i just couldn't get myself to pay as much as they cost. some things in finland are so expensive. chocolate and cell phones - very cheap. this stuff - not so.
this is the aarikka necklace sienna and jay bought for me. i love it.
and if my readers haven't figured it out yet - i'm a huge marimekko unikko pattern fan. can't get enough of it. here's my new make-up bag. it makes me happy every morning. :)
you guessed it - i love my new salad bowl. :)
books are another thing that are quite expensive in finland. otherwise i would have bought more than three of them. this one lists many of the childhood games i used to play and more.

i'm so glad jay came by when i was choosing a book about finland's history. i was about to buy a thick book meant for adults. i kept wondering if i'd actually read it. jay suggested i look for a book with more pictures in it. i found this children's history book. perfect! :) much more fun to learn this way. :) lots of pictures and each era has a story about it. love it.

we already had this book in finnish but i decided to get it in english too so i can read it to sienna. i know, it's pathetic that i haven't taught her finnish.
other than all this, i just bought some finnish music, magazines and TONS (i mean TONS! :)) of chocolate.
it was so good to visit with my family but it was so AWEFUL when it came time to say goodbye. i cried and i cried. my heart was broken once again.
bye, bye finland.
bye, bye my family.
hope to see you again SOON...
cool irrigation canals (i assume) in amsterdam and check out the houses right by the water.

Friday, September 24, 2010

{more to come...:)}

what do you do when you're stuck at home because you and your little one are sick?
we do art!
we've been busy all week.
more to come... :)
happy friday everyone!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

{finland, day 18, äidillä}

day 18
a mellow, relaxing, wonderful day at my mom's. my younger sister was there too with her family. jay's parents and my older sister and her husband were in st. petersburg, russia.
we did three main things on this day:
we drew a lot
we ate a lot
we had fun at the playground
the reason why we drew a lot is this: my mom's kitchen walls are full of drawings and pictures. there was still some wall space left so we thought we'd help her cover it a bit more. :) how nice for my mom to sit in the kitchen and see all this.
i just realized i don't have pictures of sienna's drawings. weird. and oops!
i love how tall the trees are in finland.
once again we all rode A swings. even my mom. she kept waving at us like she was the queen of finland or something. :)
wonderful memories! more days like these please. sigh.
that evening a pretty scary thunderstorm rolled in. we were in the fifth floor (the top floor) and it felt like the storm clouds were right on us. it felt very oppressing. the clouds moved so fast. the wind picked up quickly and we had to shut all the windows and doors. sienna was scared of the louder than loud thunder and i must say that i was a bit too. next thing we knew the electricity went out. thank goodness we had flashlights and candles.