Tuesday, September 21, 2010

{finland, day 17, sepänpuisto}

day 17 started by sienna baking pulla & cinnamon buns with my brother-in-law. yum!
then we met with my sister suvi & her kids stockan kellon alla :) and headed to sepänpuisto, a playground in downtown helsinki. it was yet another majorly hot & humid day.

oh how we love this little guy! Y

these two would be the best of friends if they just lived closer to each other. sigh.
enjoying the A swing again. i wish i had one of these in my backyard! :)
needless to say we had ton of fun at the playground.
hesalaisille lukijoille: sepänpuistossa on myös kivat autot lapsille ajettaviksi. me oltiin siellä lauantaina joten missattiin ne mutta varmaan tosi kiva juttu lapsille.
i love this picture! noel fell right when i took the picture. priceless! :)
love this building! this one could be my christmas visit house. :D
ihana rätticitikka!
we walked long ways back to downtown.
the crane by the way is for bungee jumping! we saw someone being lifted up there and watched him jump. s-c-a-r-y!!! there is NO way i would ever do that!

there must have been a scandinavian navy cadets competition of some sorts as each country's cadets marched in the market square area. norway's cadets were carrying a trophy so they must have won.
we ended the day by going to a fancy pizza restaurant to eat. more of these kind of days for me please! i know, i know, i'm the one who moved million miles away. sigh.


  1. ♥ ♥ ♥

    Lehdessä luki sillon jotain noista pohjoismaiden merivoimien taistoista. Olivat Kaivarissa ainakin vetäneet köyttä, harmi kun ei nähty :)

    Voi mä niin toivoisin, että saataisi vaikka joka viikonloppu (tai edes joka kuukausi!) puistoilla yhdessä ja viettää aikaa. *huokaus* LOVE YOU LOTS! ♥

  2. suvi: ei kuoltu janosta sentään tuona päivänä. :D ja niinpä! edes kerran kuussa kun saatais olla yhdessä. nyyh ja plääh. love you lots too! ♥ ♥ ♥


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