Sunday, September 12, 2010

{finland, day 13, pori & kirjurinluoto}

i took a picture of this concert poster at our hotel because my dad said he went to this concert.

so... as i mentioned the weather didn't co-operate when we were in yyteri. so what to do when you can't go to the beach? you go shopping, of course! :)
but first we took a quick driving tour to see the sights.

we ate voisilmäpullia at a street side cafe, found lots of great stuff at the marimekko store (they had things i couldn't find in the helsinki main store!) and just enjoyed a relaxing day in downtown pori.
we had some time left before heading back to our hotel for supper so we went to kirjurinluoto. what a fun place! a beautiful park, a petting zoo and multiple playgrounds for kids and those who love to have fun like kids. :)

i loved these A swings! i wish we had them here in canada too. you feel like you're on a star wars vehicle or something as you go up and down and around. so much fun! we all took turns riding them.
at the hotel: supper, swimming (sienna & jay, i think i ate chocolate and read a magazine :)) and visiting with my dad.
next: old rauma!


  1. Hello Kitty-Sienna punaisten kukkien edessä - aivan IHANA♥

  2. niin on. porin keskustassa otettu. kiva muisto.

  3. No mutta hei, sähän kävit mun kotikylässä meren äärellä.. aikas hauskaa! :-)


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