Thursday, August 30, 2012

[birthday decorations]

Sienna's birthday is coming up soon and I've had so much fun making decorations. This year's theme is kittens, art (the girls will be doing art) and the color lavender.
The first picture is the invitation.

The kitten theme evolved after I saw the kitten with the birthday cake picture and thought it would make a cute birthday invitation.
The vintage kitten art is by Harry Whittier Frees. I fell in love with his delightful photos of animals doing this and that.

Cake and cupcake toppers. Rose garland.

I think three garlands and ton of lavender balloons will do it. I'd love to make more but enough is enough. :)

ps. I'm adding a poll (see the column on the right ----->) to see if anyone is actually interested in the vacation pictures I've been posting. If no one is, then I won't post any more. I know it would be more interesting with personal pictures as well. I just struggle about how much of Sienna or us I want to share with who knows who.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

[victoria vacation, day 2, part 2]

Day 2, continued.
Victoria is the capital of British Columbia, the most western of Canada's provinces.
Victoria is on Vancouver Island.
The weather is mild in the winter and warm in the summer. Half the rain of mainland Vancouver. Many people retire to Victoria because of it's climate.

I had bought a $2 frisbee and we had so much fun playing it in front of the legislative building. Activities don't have to be expensive to be fun!

We walked the waterfront admiring aboriginal people making and selling their art. We also watched a funny busker.

We found a great little pizza place and then an awesome park with many totem poles (Thunderbird Park). We ended the day by playing more frisbee.

The west coast is known for it's Redwood trees. They grow to be so large! This tree was only about 100 years old and look how big it was already.

Prince of Whales boats for going on whale watching tours. :)

Horse carriages were a common sight in downtown area.

Monday, August 27, 2012


I might even consider spending a night in this kind of tent.

[victoria vacation, day 2, part 1]

Morning of day 2 - ferry to Vancouver Island.
Certain someone (no names mentioned :)) was so excited about the sea. I always miss the sea having grown up in Helsinki.
Another gorgeous, sunny day.

Once we got to Victoria, we had couple of hours before we could check in at our hotel. So we decided to check out the downtown. Cute little boutiques, sea gulls, tourists...

This tree had these HUGE white flowers. So beautiful! 

Loved these lamps in one of the boutiques. Did you know that you can take pictures of anything on your vacation. If you were in your hometown, you'd feel silly taking pictures of lamps etc. But as a tourist, you're allowed to do all sorts of stuff and not be a nerd. :D

Bubbles that you can catch and they won't break. You can stack them as high as you want. :)