Monday, August 27, 2012

[victoria vacation, day 2, part 1]

Morning of day 2 - ferry to Vancouver Island.
Certain someone (no names mentioned :)) was so excited about the sea. I always miss the sea having grown up in Helsinki.
Another gorgeous, sunny day.

Once we got to Victoria, we had couple of hours before we could check in at our hotel. So we decided to check out the downtown. Cute little boutiques, sea gulls, tourists...

This tree had these HUGE white flowers. So beautiful! 

Loved these lamps in one of the boutiques. Did you know that you can take pictures of anything on your vacation. If you were in your hometown, you'd feel silly taking pictures of lamps etc. But as a tourist, you're allowed to do all sorts of stuff and not be a nerd. :D

Bubbles that you can catch and they won't break. You can stack them as high as you want. :)

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