Tuesday, August 7, 2012

[canada's first nation art]

Wolves and eagles bentwood box.

Dove rattle.

First hunt mask.

John Marston ( Coast Salish )  - Bear and Owl Bentwood Box

Bear & owl bentwood box

Raven guarding the light.

All of the above are done by John Marston of the Coast Salish First Nation.

Mask by Wet’suwet’en artist Stephanie Anderson

Mask by Wet'suwet'en artist Stephanie Anderson.

Rande Cook ( Kwakwaka'wakw )  - Love

Love by Rande Cook of Kwakwaka'wakw.

Kenojuak Ashevak’s print of The Enchanted Owl, 1960

Owls by Kenojuak Ashevak.

Love these! 

The First Nation people in Canada bring so much cultural richness to our country.


  1. Hello. I love the owls aswell! Is a there a something special to know about them? A story behind?Or are they just pleasing depictions of of owls?
    Do you know what material is used, and when they were painted?
    Thank you for posting them. They are great!
    Have a wonderfull day, from Anna

    1. Thank you for your comment Anna! I love Kenojuak's work. Especially the owls. Kenojuak Adhevak is an Inuit artist who just passed away. Her work is well known, especially the owls. There are many biographies about her online if you just do a search with her name. The Enchanted Owl (the first one) was made in 1960 and is one of her most knows works. It's stonecut in red, blue and black on laid paper. It was reproduced as a stamp in 1970. It's just one of her many nature themed works. Some of the biographies tell about what kind of techniques she used in her work. A remarkable woman!


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