Tuesday, August 21, 2012

[dance, baby, dance!]

Some pictures from this year's Heritage Festival. 

For new readers of my blog: The Heritage Festival is held each year at a big park here in Edmonton. This year there were 63 tents/stages. Each one for a country or an ethnic group. You can see their dancing/singing/other performances and purchase merchandise. You can also taste food from different countries.

This time my favorites were: Eritrean dancing (always my favorite, I could watch it for hours), Ugandan dancing, Korean drumming (so powerful!) and Karjalanpiirakat munavoilla (kun olen itse liian laiska niitä tekemään).

Gotta love the Heritage Festival!

Here are some video snippets for ya. Enjoy!

More dancing. Different venue. 
This So You Think You Can Dance performance brought tears in my eyes as I thought of all the misery and pain addictions cause. 
Cole is so wickedly great in this number!

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