Monday, September 20, 2010

{smack in the middle!}

yesterday i enjoyed going through my husband's childhood pictures and school report cards etc. i'm trying to get going with family & personal history projects. it really is fun work but sometimes it's a challenge to find the time to do it.
i realized that i need to write in my journal more often (more than a few times per year). i bet sienna would love to read one day about my thoughts when she started kindergarten, for example. we need to capture the moments of our lives. trust me, if you don't record them somehow, there's a good chance you won't remember most of it.
so just a little reminder for us all to make sure we record our family's history in some form or shape.

i scanned some pictures of his mom & dad too. isn't this picture from 1974 the best? they were going to a 50's style party.
the funniest thing i came across was an essay that my husband wrote when he was young (i don't know exactly how old, maybe about the age he is in the above picture?). the essay was about his parents and here's the part that made me laugh so hard:
"My dad works at (school name) as a teacher. He says if he doesn't get out of it he'll end up smack in the middle of a mental institution."
can you imagine his teacher reading this?
too funny! :D
happy monday everyone!


  1. Mä en kestä!!! Loistava toi J:n vanhempien kuva!!! :'DDDDD

  2. hahahaha I can' stop laughing at that!!! Soooo funny! made my day!


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