Wednesday, September 29, 2010

{made by us}

 we have this book called eyeball animation drawing book.
(you could use googly eyes to make something similar.)
here are some things we've drawn in the book. this first one is by me.
 this one is jay's
 sienna's :)
mine :)
 sienna and i have been making all sorts of halloween pumpkins. this one is sienna's.
fun! :)
our first one.
won't be the last, i'm sure. :( 
maybe i'm happy after all that sienna's been sick lately...


  1. Ei miten ihania!!! :D Toi Siennan rapu on niiiiiiin loistava!!! :D

  2. se siennan rapu onkin alien. :D monta silmaa...

  3. Eskari infosi meillä tänä aamuna vesirokosta ja enterorokosta. Ei kivaa :( Nyt pidetään peukkuja ja varpaita...

  4. Ooooo - I hate the lice letters from school! Just make sure you comb through Sienna's hair really well with a comb every day and she should be fine. That's what I was told to do and Winter never got it - and she was around friends who had it! karly

  5. Jep, Siennan piirustus on munkin suosikki! :) Taiteilija ainesta nakojaan!


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