Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{get going!}

now that i have chocolated* myself, i'm hoping to get going on my to-do list.
i need to:
 make gifts for sienna's teachers from the above items, reconcile credit card statements, plan and start working on a father's day gift, book an appointment for a bloodtest & doctor's visit, clean cat puke off the carpet (i forgot he shouldn't have BBQ chicken), change bedsheets & do laundry, submit medical receipts to insurance company, fax some forms to sienna's new school (we won't talk about what happened last time i tried to fax them), wrap a babyshower gift (the cutest creamy pink ruffled swimsuit) and who knows what else i'm forgetting from my list.
lots to do so i better get going. wish me luck. :)

*chocolated myself
(pronounced chocola + ted) 
= filled myself with chocolate in hopes of having some energy after not sleeping enough due to falling asleep for a quick nap late in the evening while putting sienna to bed. long enough sentence for you? :D i know, my english is terrible. if you want to see amazing language skills, this is definately not a blog for you :D
and yes, i made that word up. it should be in the dictionary, don't you think? :)

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