Friday, June 27, 2014

[gotta love lists]

I found this list online but there was no source as to where it's from. But since it's just floating online, it's most likely a free printable. 

Something fun to do on a quiet summer evening, perhaps?

What are some things on your list?
Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii is one of mine. :)

(Just right click the image, copy, then paste it to Microsoft Word and print. Or save the image first and then print it.)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

[Canmore & Banff, AB, Canada]

School is not over yet here in Canada (tomorrow is the last day), but we've had a chance to start summer vacationing early. I love going to the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Just like being near the ocean, being surrounded by mountains and nature refreshes your soul as well. 
We biked, did a bit of hiking to say hi to the hoodoos, Sienna swam in the hotel pool lots and spent hours playing at different playgrounds while I read books, we ate out, admired beautiful nature, saw some animals (deer, mountain sheep... even couple of grizzly bears!), shopped a bit (well, mainly looked at things, didn't really see anything I needed or had to have), etc.
Soon we'll leave on our vacation #2.
Gotta love summer.
Hope you are all enjoying yours.

First photo: The Three Sisters mountains in Canmore.

If I had had an extra $12,000, I would have bought a totem pole. :)

Downtown Canmore.

Frankie goes to Canmore. :)

At a golf course where my husband hurt his back the first time he swung his golf club. Sports can be bad for your health. :D Enjoyed a lovely banquet there too.

Pigs CAN fly! :)

Gotta love them hoodoos. Even if there are just a few of them. 
Canmore in the background.

There must be many rich people in Alberta. So many over $1,000,000 houses!

On our way to Banff.

Fairmont Hotel in Banff. Soaking in the hot springs pool is lovely.

Kananaskis country.

The only photo we got of the grizzlies before the wildlife officer scared them away. Wouldn't want to run into these guys while hiking... :)

If you want to see more photos of beautiful Canada, click here.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

[purchase a family - why not!]

Earlier today I was stuck in traffic wishing there was an overpass so I wouldn't have to wait for a slow train to cross the road. While waiting, I listened to a fun interview with Suzanne Heintz and how she got tired of people asking her if she's ever getting married so she purchased some mannequins as her "family". Now she takes photos of herself with her "family" to raise awareness that not everyone wants or has the opportunity for a traditional family.

What a fun woman!