Thursday, May 20, 2010

{me likey}

coloring pencil jewellery by maria christina bellucci.
don't care for it as jewellery. would love it as art.

richard powers photography
circus themed kid's room by kate dixon

designed by japanese architect shigeru ban

lovely wee summer houses via google image search
swimsuit by juicy couture.
yes please, plus the model's body as well. :)
you should see the huge green & purple bruise i have in my arm. i had the worst bloodtest ever this week. did it ever hurt. my arm was sore for hours afterwards. sometimes you barely feel it. sometimes it's like this.
our front yard looks like it snowed a bit. our bird-cherry tree flower pedals are falling down. too bad the flowers don't last for weeks and weeks. they look so beautiful plus smell nice too.
happy thursday everyone! :)


  1. Heips, kiva kun poikkesit blogissani, löysin tieni tänne=)

  2. Woohoo, taaltahan loytyi aivan ihana blogi! Mizyenan kautta kavi tieni ;)

    Luin muutaman sivun taaksepain, sulla on ihana tapa kirjoittaa. Lyhyita lauseita, paljon asiaa.

    Tuo neljannen kuvan lastenhuone olisi niin mieleinen, vahan samoja vareja ym. meilla jo onkin :)

  3. mimmuli: no kiva kun kavit vastavierailulla.

    eryah: kiitos. kavin vastavierailulla blogillasi ja nyt laitan blogisi blogilistalleni. kiva uusi blogituttavuus. kiitos kommentistasi!


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