Sunday, October 31, 2010

{bye bye halloween}

 most people will celebrate halloween tomorrow but for us it's over. we went to our church's "trunk-or-treat" tonight so that we can have a regular sabbath day tomorrow. our church's parking lot was full of cars and people handing out candy to the kids from their trunks. it was fun to see everyone's kids dressed up and you didn't have to walk for hours to get more than a bag full of candy. :) when the evening turned chilly, there was hot chocolate to drink. i'll post some pictures later.
all of the above images are from martha stewart. i've said this before - martha's people are all perfectionists and i love that they take so much pride in their work that everything really ends up being perfect.

 i found these two cool images when i was searhing for halloween make-up pictures. i love stuff like this!

i almost studied to become a make-up artist once (million years ago, it seems) so that i could do fantasy make-up. all the things you can do with make-up... love it!


  1. Kivoja halloween-juttuja. Me ei olla koskaan koristeltu edes kotia eikä mitään. Torstaina on tarhassa tosin koko perheen halloween-juhla... :)

  2. Mmm... pitaiskohan itsekin alkaa juhlimaan halloweenia... Pelkastaan sen takia, etta olisi kiva kokkailla "pelottavia" ruokia poikasille :)


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