Thursday, February 17, 2011

{hauskaa lapsille tai lapsenmielisille}

a long time ago i came across this book by ed emberley (he has other art books for kids too). the idea is to make fingerprints with a stamping ink and then draw the prints into pictures.
here are some samples:

 if you don't happen to have an ink pad, you can always just use coloring pencils.

 here are sienna's masterpieces (she's five-years-old):

your imagination is your limit!

easter is coming soon. you could make some easter cards by printing bunnies onto cardstock.

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  1. Tosi kiva idea! Ja ihania Sienna tehnyt ♥

  2. so fun sansku! I remember doing these when I was a little girl. :) Rebecca

  3. Kivoja ideoita tällaiselle lapsenmieliselle kuin minä. Nämä pitää myös muistaa seuraavalla kerralla, kun 5-,3-,ja melkein 2-vuotias tulevat meille.


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