Friday, August 12, 2011

{west coast trip, day 6, grouse mountain}

day 6
tram up Grouse Mountain.
being in the clouds made everything look magical.
watched a movie about the rescue of two bear cubs.
funnier than funny lumber jack show.
ski-lift ride.
disappointed because we couldn't do the zipline ride (a big group had booked it for a long time). kind of glad though because the clouds made it difficult to see everything. something to look forward to when we go to Vancouver next time.
visited the two bears in their protection area. they were big now.
supper at a restaurant.
drove to White Rock and checked in the Duck's Inn. our third time staying at the same inn.

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  1. Wow! Mulla taas jäisi tuollainen hissimatka välistä, tai sitten olisin siinä silmät kiinni sydänkohtauksen partaalla :D


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