Saturday, November 5, 2011

{that time of the year}

it's that time of the year again - cold and flu viruses are out and about trying to get you.

i thought it would be fun to ask if any of you have home remedies for coughs, sore throats, runny noses, etc.

i try to nip things as soon as i feel even little bit sick. i take garlic pills and ester c vitamin. i suck on fisherman's friend pastilles if my throat feels even a bit sore. for a runny nose, nasal rinses (available from drug stores) work wonders (flushes the bacteria out plus clears your sinuses so you can breath).

if all fails, stay in bed with a good book and some warm herbal tea.

the microscopic world is so amazing. sometimes i wish i could work in a lab and look at microscopic things. until i find a picture of a dust mite that is. then i quickly change my mind. those things are nasty!

your turn. what do you do to help your body heal itself?

(images via google image search) 

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