Thursday, December 1, 2011

{christmas gift ideas}

Some Christmas gift ideas:

Make a personalized coloring book for a little one.
If you don't have Photoshop, you can use Photoscape. It's free to download: Photoscape photo editing program
Photoscape is really easy to use. With one click of a button, you can make your photos into coloring pages.

photos into coloring pages

Make an octopus from a sock.

An elephant lamp by Zoolight.

We love the Octonauts books. Super cute!

Marshmallow stars for hot chocolate. Wrapped cutely.

Cuter than cute paperclips.
These were sold out where I found them from but here's a source for other cute paperclips:

Cute salad bowl.

Who wouldn't like a super cute handmade purse? I would. Feel free to sew one and send it to me. :)
Can't find the source for this photo but there are many patterns online for cute bags.

 These are on my "some day" list. Cake stand and candle holder by aarikka.

aarikka also sells these cute (word of the day :)) elfs. Various kinds. Me lovey.

Kids could make something like this for their daddy's workplace.

This is super sweet if you have just had a baby.

Santa & snowman chocolate bars for kids' friends or cousins.

Happy 1st of December everyone! :)


  1. Meillä tulee Oktonautit tv:stä ja ne tosiaan on söpöjä!

    Noi Aarikan (mielettömän kalliit) kynttilänjalat on kyllä niin ihania!

  2. voi kun meilläkin tulisi tv:stä.

    olisin ostanut ne aarikan jutut jos vaan olisivat olleet halvempia. huippukalliita! ehkä joku päivä oon tarpeeksi rikas. :)


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