Friday, September 7, 2012

[victoria vacation, day 5]

Day 5

Another gorgeous, warm day.

We wanted to see the Hatley Castle because it’s the castle from the X-Men movie. Turns out you have to pay for a tour guide to take you through the castle. We didn’t feel like listening to a long lecture about the place so we just took some pictures outside and then headed towards Sooke potholes.

Sooke potholes weren’t exactly what we thought they’d be. We thought they were big natural swimming pools but it was more like a very shallow river that made areas for swimming.
Gorgeous place!
The water was freezing cold. We were surprised Sienna had no problem with it being so cold. Some people were smart and brought wetsuits with them.
There were people cliff diving which looked like fun.

We drove back to Victoria and checked out Chinatown.

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