Friday, January 11, 2013

[we loved Elfie's visit]

Elfie made our December even more enjoyable. Here’s what he did while we were sleeping:

1.   Made a snowflake out of q-tips.
2.   Ate chocolate. Messy mouth.
3.   Rode a dog.
4.   Made a smiley face with Cheerios.
5.   Went on a date with Barbie.
6.   Played with animal toys.
7.   Colored a nativity picture.
8.   Found Ken’s clothes and looked stylish.
9.   Rode a bike.
10. Read the nativity story to Sarah.
11. Had a marshmallow bath.
12. Played with beads.
13. Drew all over bathroom mirror.
14. Sticker fun with Barbie.
15. Rolled down the stairs in a toilet paper tube.
16. Used letter magnets to tell us how many sleeps ‘til Christmas.
17. Had fun with beads with Barbie.
18. Made a button snowflake.
19. Wrote on art board to tell us only 4 more sleeps ‘til Christmas.
20. Babysat Calico Critter baby animals.
21. Went grocery shopping and only bought treats. Naughty Elfie! J
22. Made a smiley face out of play dough.
23. Made a paper gingerbread house.
24. Wished us Merry Christmas with magnetic letters on the fridge.

Elfie might only do the 12 days of Christmas next year. Towards the end, he was a bit tired working every night. J


  1. He got up to some really wonderful antics! I must remember to get pictures of mine next year.

    1. He sure did. Great ideas out there and came up with some of my own too. Thanks for the comment! :)


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