Thursday, April 25, 2013

[this week]

Today was superhero day at Sienna’s school. She was little bit late for school due to me painting her face but I think it was worth it. The cutest superhero ever!

Flocks of birds (these ones were Bohemian Waxwings) – a sure sign of spring. I think it's finally spring as it was +18C today and most of the snow is gone. First playground day. Yey!

My new baby. Wish me luck for keeping it alive. I need it. ;)
Plus a cute little ceramic bird house to hang in our tree.

I love it when yet another renovation project gets done. This week it was front & back entrance tiles. What a mess it’s been (I took these photos to prove it) but so worth it when it’s all done. My back is kaput from all the floor cleaning (the grout haze is so hard to get off!) but I’m all smiles as I walk on the tiles now. I’ll try to remember to post a photo of clean tiles later. I love the tile we picked.

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