Thursday, August 29, 2013

[more summer vacation photos]

I thought I'd share another batch of vacation photos with you. 

I'm different. Most people seem to love going to Las Vegas but I can usually only handle one or two days the most there. Just a quick stop on our way to California. 

I'm super sensitive to cigarette smoke so I have to cover my nose and mouth when I walk through the casino areas (and there is no way to avoid walking through the casino areas which drives me nuts too). To me it's unbelievable that there are still places where you can smoke inside. 

So much "filth" in Vegas. People say "what goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas". Well, it doesn't. What people do there will become part of them (and will affect their current or future families) and there are so many bad things that happen in Vegas. Don't even get me started.

Of course there are many wonderful things about Vegas too. That's why I can spend a bit of time there. Cheap hotel rates (they want you there to gamble your money away), fun water parks, some shows are great, beautiful shopping malls... But after a day or two, I have to get out of the place.  

Some of my favorite Vegas things are the sky looking ceilings in the shopping malls and an atmosphere like you're somewhere else in the world. Love it! I've been to Rome so it all feels very fake, of course. But it's still super fun to shop and look around in this kind of setting.

The fountain show at the Bellagio is always a must-see.

And it is fun to drive or walk around when buildings look like this.

The heat can be unbearable to some but of course there is air conditioning everywhere. And it is dry heat so you don't sweat as much as in humid heat.

Then - California. What can I say? Love visiting California!
Gorgeous trees and flowers everywhere, palm trees, the ocean...

Delicious Mexican food! Chipotle Mexican Grill is our favorite fast food place.

Love spending a day in Laguna Beach. Even though it was overcast this day, it was so enjoyable! We saw dolphins swimming really close to the shore, I love the tall trees, the little boutiques, nice restaurants...

I still have more photos to share but this is it for now.
Gotta love summer! Gotta love road trips!

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