Tuesday, November 19, 2013

[Christmas is coming...]

I know, I know... I've been neglecting my blog big time. I think one of the reasons is the blue tint photo problem (see earlier blog post). But I just had to come and share this photo today. 

It's so cold and snowy right now where we live. So I'm loving all the hot pink in this photo. Could do this in a smaller scale unless you're super rich and can afford this many large gifts for an advent calendar. 

Now to just find the energy to do something like this... I tell you, there's something to nature slowing down during winter. I find it takes so much more energy to do everything in the winter. Hibernating sounds pretty good to me right now. 

 I was looking through some old photos yesterday and cherished remembering spending Christmas in California in 2009. I so could handle Christmases without snow. Palm trees with sparkly lights is it for me! Please feel free to send me some plane tickets to somewhere warm. You know you want to... J

Until next time: stay warm people. Stay warm. 


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