Saturday, December 7, 2013

[advent calendar update, etc.]

Here’s an update on our wall calendar. So far I've added an owl, an elephant, a hedgehog, a moose Sienna drew at school, a squirrel, a polar bear and a penguin family. Not every day, but some mornings, there's been a small treat among the animals too. A chocolate Lindt teddy bear, for example. 

I had hoped to bring Elfie back for 12 days of Christmas only this year (it is a lot of work to plan and set up) but Sienna kept asking about him so one day he showed up having had rolled down the stairs in a toilet paper tube. Forgot I had done that last year already. Oops! :)

This is one of my favorites! Elfie took a copy of himself. I had a white towel over him when I took the copy but removed it for the reveal so Sienna could easily see Elfie.

This year, Elfie has bendable arms and legs, which helps. I just stretched the stitches along a seam with a pin and then inserted wire inside. No sewing required.

Sienna caught the Christmas bug early this year and drew Christmas things first thing in the mornings. She made this Santa ornament for our tree but I thought it was a perfect center piece for the wreath. Love how he's carrying Rudolph. :)

Had fun wrapping couple of gifts.

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