Thursday, January 24, 2013

[you have to watch this!]

I only do stuff like this on the first and third Tuesday of the month.

I give this book «««½ out of five stars.
A futuristic twist on a classic fairy-tale. Enjoyed it. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

[free journaling card printables]

Renovations and packing continue but I wanted to take a moment to say that I have been receiving many comments about my Project Life journaling card free printables. I really appreciate each and every comment. Thank you!

Happy Monday everyone! J

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

[new home renovations, part I]

I have been promising renovation pictures for my friends so even though I'm supposed to be packing, here's a bit of the process so far.

Most of the work we've done so far has been upstairs in the second floor where the bedrooms are. Here are some "before" pictures of the rooms and what we are doing to them.

Gross old wall-to-wall carpet in each room. We are saving the laminate flooring from downstairs and putting it in two of the rooms upstairs. The other two will get brand new laminate.

The whole house had been painted with dark colors and we are brightening it all up. Off-white walls, white laminate flooring...

I'm hoping I'll get this room. It's not quite sure yet what will become of this room. It would serve as an office/family history/memory keeping/art & crafts room.

How about this Oilers room? Hockey is HUGE in Canada but no way our house will have an Oilers room. :)
This room will be Sienna's room.

This kitchen was a brand new custom made kitchen. Worth a lot of money. But...

It's just not my style. Too traditional for my taste. So we're changing it all! The only thing that will stay the same is the appliances. They are brand new and stainless steel.

All downstairs windows are brand new, highly efficient, so we won't have to replace those.

I haven't been to the house today, but this is pretty much what the kitchen looks like at the moment. :)

Here are some miscellaneous pictures:

1. Salvaging downstairs laminate flooring to be used upstairs.
The fireplace rocks are expensive kind but aren't pretty (worse than in this picture, kind of "spotty" and dirty looking). We might just paint the rocks but haven't really decided yet what to do with it.

2. Sienna has LOVED helping at the new house! This kiddo has lifted heavy things, pulled nails and staples off the floor and all sorts of things. She's a great helper!

3. Working on removing the wall-to-wall carpets upstairs. So much work to scrape the floors (nails, staples). We've been blessed to have family and some friends come and help us with the process. Gotta love people who are willing to lend a helping hand!

4. This is Sienna's room after the carpet has been removed and the walls have been sanded, patched and primed.

5 and 6. Moisture and frost inside upstairs windows. New windows will arrive next week if I remember right.

7 and 8. Walls have been painted. Room #1 has a bit darker paint than the other two.

9. Another photo of the kitchen.

10. Installing the laminate flooring in one of the upstairs rooms.

11. The room with the laminate flooring from downstairs, painted walls (off-white) and closets (pale lavender). Hard to see the real color in these pictures.

12. The busy renovating mama still found some time to care for her babies.

Ton and ton of work but it will all be worth it in the end! 

I'm feeling quite emotional about leaving this home though. So many fond memories. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

[we loved Elfie's visit]

Elfie made our December even more enjoyable. Here’s what he did while we were sleeping:

1.   Made a snowflake out of q-tips.
2.   Ate chocolate. Messy mouth.
3.   Rode a dog.
4.   Made a smiley face with Cheerios.
5.   Went on a date with Barbie.
6.   Played with animal toys.
7.   Colored a nativity picture.
8.   Found Ken’s clothes and looked stylish.
9.   Rode a bike.
10. Read the nativity story to Sarah.
11. Had a marshmallow bath.
12. Played with beads.
13. Drew all over bathroom mirror.
14. Sticker fun with Barbie.
15. Rolled down the stairs in a toilet paper tube.
16. Used letter magnets to tell us how many sleeps ‘til Christmas.
17. Had fun with beads with Barbie.
18. Made a button snowflake.
19. Wrote on art board to tell us only 4 more sleeps ‘til Christmas.
20. Babysat Calico Critter baby animals.
21. Went grocery shopping and only bought treats. Naughty Elfie! J
22. Made a smiley face out of play dough.
23. Made a paper gingerbread house.
24. Wished us Merry Christmas with magnetic letters on the fridge.

Elfie might only do the 12 days of Christmas next year. Towards the end, he was a bit tired working every night. J

Thursday, January 10, 2013

[fun videos]

No time to blog much but here’s two videos to brighten your day. Love these! J

Friday, January 4, 2013


I just have to quickly share this article I found at Amusing Planet.
These pictures are of Abraham Lake, Alberta, Canada.
The frozen bubbles are formed when methane gas released by plants reach near the surface and freeze. Awesome, aren't they?

We discovered Abraham Lake in the fall of 2011. What a gorgeous place! No one around! No cabins, nothing! 
Here are some of my pictures of Abraham Lake:

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

[Happy 2013!]

Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully 2013 will be an extra awesome year for you all!

My blogging will most likely quiet down for a bit. Renovations for our new home start this week plus there's ton of packing to do too. Too much stuff! A humongous garage sale is planned for the spring.

I'll be back as soon as time permits.

[image via Tumblr]

[happy new year!]

Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully 2013 will be an extra awesome year for you all!

My blogging will most likely quiet down for a bit. We bought a new home and start the renovations this week. Plus there's ton of packing to do too. There will be one humongous garage sale planned for the spring. 

I'll be back as soon as time permits.

[image via Tumblr]