Saturday, April 26, 2014


It hardly ever rains here (except in the summer we do get some mighty rain and thunder storms) so when it does - I really love it and can appreciate it. Air is so fresh and often I love the gray mood it creates. Especially when something melancholy is on my mind and I'm listening to Sade's King of Sorrow song. Little bit of melancholy at times is healthy for you. :)

I have been patiently waiting for a full blown spring. I'm pretending spring is well under way and started making smoothies again. :)

Spring dust and mold is not the best for my seasonal allergy lungs. I read somewhere that pineapple can help loosen mucus from lungs so I used pineapples and blueberries for this smoothie. Plus a bit of orange juice. I love it that you can throw whatever fruit or berries you have into the blender and it always ends up tasting good. Fail proof "cooking". :) So healthy too!

Love them trees!

Hope I can keep these alive! My thumb isn't even a bit green.

My raspberry flavored Xylitol pastilles tin comes with a cute quote. Something about eating stuff from a cute tin instead of from a regular packaging, makes the enjoyment so much better. :)

A quick visit to the pond to check out the very many geese and ducks. The sea gulls were fighting and when I closed my eyes, for a second I could pretend I was by the ocean listening to sea gulls.

Always enjoyable to check out the kids' art at our daughter's school.

Still going strong pinning stuff on Pinterest. Blythe dolls are not creepy but super cute. Said the way past 40 year old me. :)

Too early to buy plants for the garden (for us anyways) but I enjoyed browsing at the greenhouse. So many gorgeous plants! How do you choose? I just want them all. Please and thank you. :)

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