Monday, July 21, 2014

[vacation photos, part I]

We left on our vacation as soon as school was over. The drive to Kelowna, British Columbia, is a feast to the eyes as you go through the mountains. I must say that Canada is one gorgeous country. So much beauty here. So much variety too: mountains, prairies, canyons, lake country, ocean towns...

Fresh peas for lunch while we stopped at a lovely road side eatery. Peas are my favorite. I'll choose them over strawberries any day.

Getting closer to Kelowna. This part of BC is dotted with huge lakes. Breathtakingly beautiful!

We rented a vacation condo right by the lake. Our apartment was on the 14th floor in the building closest to the lake. Yes, I was a bit scared when I stepped on the balcony. 

You only see a portion of the huge lake Kelowna hugs. Sure love being by water!
Kelowna is known for hot summers and mild, short winters. The temperature was +24C - +32C during our stay (most of the days were over +30C). 
There are wineries (for those interested in wine, we don't drink alcohol), fruit orchards (fresh peaches, cherries, strawberries, vegetables...), beaches, beautiful parks...
You wouldn't have to bend my arm too hard for me to move there. ;) 

We really enjoyed staying in a condo instead of at a hotel. Less generic, quieter... The place had a fitness room, outdoor and indoor pools, indoor parking.
Our bedroom was right by the entrance door, our daughter's room had this nice view of the lake.

We had a wonderful time in Kelowna. More photos to come. :)

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