Thursday, October 30, 2014

[Happy Halloween!]

We already had a Halloween party so I can share this year's Halloween costume photo with you.

I tell you, it was SO HARD to let our daughter choose her own costume. :) I wanted her to get the dark bride costume (see the picture below) but I wasn't able to change her mind no matter how much I tried. She loved the "wing sleeves" and that was that. It's almost like I have a "live doll" and I wanted to dress her the way I wanted to dress her. I'm glad I had the self discipline to remember that Halloween is about the kids, not the parents. :)

ps. It's impossible for me to make both sides the same when face painting. How people do that, I don't know.

the dark bride costume

Friday update: Today's face painting looks better than yesterday's. Practice does help. :) 

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