Thursday, October 30, 2014

[Happy Halloween!]

We already had a Halloween party so I can share this year's Halloween costume photo with you.

I tell you, it was SO HARD to let our daughter choose her own costume. :) I wanted her to get the dark bride costume (see the picture below) but I wasn't able to change her mind no matter how much I tried. She loved the "wing sleeves" and that was that. It's almost like I have a "live doll" and I wanted to dress her the way I wanted to dress her. I'm glad I had the self discipline to remember that Halloween is about the kids, not the parents. :)

ps. It's impossible for me to make both sides the same when face painting. How people do that, I don't know.

the dark bride costume

Friday update: Today's face painting looks better than yesterday's. Practice does help. :) 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

[not quite dead yet]

My poor blog! I should probably quit blogging all together as this blog doesn't make any sense anymore and my motivation to keep it is non existent. But, for some reason here I am again sharing a bit of this & that.

These dinosaur cupcake toppers were fun to make. Printed some dinosaur photos, added little party hats, glued it on scrapbook paper, inserted toothpicks.

My poor attempt at nature art while our daughter was playing with friends after school. 

My favorite season! Love the colors out there. I so wish fall would last longer! Yesterday was +23C and sunny! Love how little it rains here in Alberta in the fall (most rain comes with summer thunderstorms). I'm sure we'll get snow soon so gotta enjoy these gorgeous fall days.

Haven't cross-stitched for ages so this little project was fun to make. You can find the link to this printable in my Christmas Pinterest file.

Diddo for this one. The pattern is in my Halloween Pinterest file. 

I think Pinterest is one of the reasons why I don't blog anymore. You can find everything there so why blog?

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I absolutely, totally, completely LOVE this song!
So good to have David Archuleta back and singing for ME again. :)

In case you're wondering, this is not a religious song. Just a beautiful song with an amazing message to each and every one of us.