Thursday, October 25, 2007

love you my dear

Tana aamuna Jay oli lahdossa toihin ja oltiin eteisessa Siennan kanssa sanomassa heit. Jay sanoi Siennalle "love you" ja Sienna tokaisi takaisin "love you my dear". Eli siis kopsasi minun sanat jotka yleensa sanon Jaylle. :)

Sitten... jotain mielenkiintoista. Sain mun homeopaatilta muutama paiva sitten sahkoposti kirjeen jossa kertoi miten homeopatian teoria auttaa jos polttaa ihoa. Siina artikkelissa kerrottiin miten jos polttaa ihonsa ja kylman veden sijaan kayttaa lampoa niin iho paranee nopeammin ja ei tule kipua. Ajattelin sita lukiessa etta hmm, miten tuo muka sitten auttaisi. No, tana aamuna poltin peukaloa hiuksia suoristaessa ja paatin kokeilla tuota teoriaa. Laitoin polttamani sormen noin sentin paasta suoristusrautaa. Tunsin lammon mutten tietty uudelleen polttanut sormea. Siihen oli jo ennattanyt muodostua punainen rakkula. Pidin sormea siina ehka noin 10 sekunnin verran. Ja ihme kuin ihme se auttoi!! Nyt on tuskin rakkulasta jalkeakaan. Ei satu ollenkaan. On kuin ei olisi palanutkaan. *puulla paahan lyoty*

Eli kun kerran auttoi mun palanutta ihoa niin tassa nyt se artikkeli asiasta:

"In the introduction to The Organon of the Medical Art, Dr. Hahnemann illustrates a number of cases of burns treated according to the Law of Similars (like cures like). Translate this to mean burns are best treated with heat. One lady who was scalded on both arms was treated with both heat and cold. The first arm moistened with hot oil was well in half an hour while the other, treated with cold applications, continued to hurt for six hours. Another woman who burned her face and arm with boiling fat suffered violent pains and insisted on treated her arm with cold water while her face, which was red and inflamed was treated with heat. Within a day her face looked far better and was relieved while she continued to use cold water for her arm and complained greatly about the pain. In fact, the inflammation had increased and by the following day several large blisters had come up and thick scabs had formed on her arm and hand. Her face was completely painless while her arm took 2 weeks to heal.

When I first read this I was incredulous. I put the book down and went to stoke the airtight and almost immediately burned a fair section of my hand on the hot surface of the stove. The pain seared and stung awfully. Rather than running to the sink to run cold water on it I tested the homeopathic treatment of burns. I moved the section of my hand that had burned toward the hot metal of the airtight stove. Without touching the metal and only letting the heat of the stove affect the burn from a short distance I then pulled my hand away once I felt the sting of heat at the site of the burn.

Within five minutes the pain was gone. The skin was definitely burned a dark pink but there was no pain and a week later the skin was normal again.

I shared this information with another volunteer at the centre one day. A couple weeks later she arrived at a meeting with a bandage on her arm covering a burn. She had severely burned her forearm on a stove door and though it took determination she said to use the homeopathic method she did expose the burn to the heat once again and the pain was alleviated.

While hiking a client put her foot through the crusty surface of the trapped Iceland lava flows and was severely burned on the geothermal heat. Even beginning hot applications (using a heating pad) a week later she saw immediate improvement in the pain and inflammation of the burn.

If a baby or small child were to get burned it is best to use a washcloth that has been soaked in hot water, then wrung out and applied to the burned area.

It is best to avoid ointments, salves, creams and bandages when treating burns."

(source: Jessica Jackson, homeopath in Edmonton)

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  1. Ihanasti Sienna sanoi isälleen aamusella. :)
    Aika jännä juttu tuo "lämmintä palovammaan." Mieheni poltti juuri käsivartensa kiukaaseen, oisipa silloin tuon tiennyt.


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