Friday, June 4, 2010

{the left ovary story}

a true story! :)
i don't have a clue how i missed the fact that the doctor left it there five years ago. i could have sworn he took it out. :)
you guys should have seen the ultrasound technician's look when i tried to assure her my left ovary had been removed. :)
so, next week i will be saying goodbye to my left ovary for the second time. :)


  1. oh, my goodness! you have an awesome attitude. good luck with the procedure and just for the record....doctors NEVER tell us everything we should/need to know! i always feel a little bit in the dark with doctors.

  2. Sansku!!!! so will you still have your right ovary? i can't remember what happened last time.
    oh how i wish i was there!! who will watch sienna? how long will you be out of comission?
    when is your surgery?
    luv you!!

  3. talia: it doesn't feel as bad this time because i thought it was out already. :)i have a feeling that the doctor had told me he'd take the ovary out and then changed his mind and forgot to tell me. i'm not looking forward to the surgery of course but at least i don't have that sense of loss this time.

    connie: yeah, i'll still have my right ovary. jay's taking tuesday off (the surgery day) and i'm sure his mom will help and i'll call for help if i need it. playdates for sienna is the most important thing (i already have some planned). i won't be able to do much with her for a while, i'm sure. it's a laparoscopic surgery so the recovery time is not too bad. i'll be ok. i'm making sure i have many books to read. and i won't even have to feel guilty to just read. ;)


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