Tuesday, July 6, 2010

{magazine clippings}

love the art by rafael lozano-hemmer (as long as the writing isn't something rude :)).
love the O duve cover & O night lamps.
w.o.w.! can you imagine waking up to this view?
this home had a helicopter landing area as well.
i'm still loving this pink christmas tree. funky shmunky. :)
so many O's! yey. :)
love this bedroom.
do you like this idea?
i guess it wouldn't be bad if all the swimmers had great bodies. otherwise... oy! :)
mainio idea kesämökin huussiin.
it's not as easy as it looks to make a painting like this.
artist: pat steir.
love, love, love this one! it wasn't clear in the article who the artist was though. :(
one of my favorite paintings ever! love it so so much!
artist (in the picture): rachel hovnanian.
a detail.
love this font
love this painting by kim atlin.
orange & white painting by james nares. again - this looks easy to do but trust me, it isn't.
these are pictures of magazine clippings so the quality is not what it should be to show the art.
i don't buy as many magazines as i used to. same old stuff in most of them. but i love it when i find new artists whose work i like.

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  1. Näköäalatalo olisi upea, mutta mun korkean paikan kammo ei ehkä antaisi mun nauttia siitä ;)

    Mä voisin ottaa omaan kotiin myös tuollaisen uima-altaan, mutta palkkaisin sinne kaikkia hyväkroppaisia tyyppejä uimaan, enkä itse kyllä menisi kertaakaan sekaan :D


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