Saturday, July 17, 2010

{this & that}

enjoyed another gorgeous sunset. picture taken through our bedroom window.
when i first came to canada, i did not get dr seuss children's books at all. now i'm so into dr seuss! :) these books are cool. we've had so much fun trying to find all the wacky things on each page of "wacky wednesday".

simple writing helps children learn how to read.
fun tongue twisters. sienna is so good at rhyming now. sometimes she wants to play the rhyming game first thing in the morning. tickle, giggle, wiggle, jiggle...

good thing we read this one. we just about bought a walrus for jay for father's day. :D
we read two to three books to sienna each night at bedtime. some books are more enjoyable than others. especially after you've read them about hundred times before. :)
katsokaa mitä sienna toi minulle kun kävi sunnuntaikävelyllä jayn kanssa. valkovuokkoja heinäkuussa! niitä ei ole täällä yhtä paljon kuin suomessa mutta näköjään muutama löytyy silloin tällöin.


  1. Upea auringonlasku! Vau!

    Ihana valkovuokko ♥ Mä oon saanut keltaisia kukkia vaan kokoajan ;)

  2. jay aina sanoo etta taalla on paremmat auringonlaskut kuin suomessa. kiusaa mua. :D
    eika niita kukkia saisi millaan sitten heittaa pois, eiko? :)

  3. Yes, I love Dr Seuss!
    We just read the 'birthday bird' last night!
    My kids adore these books and we read 'Horton hears a hoot' and 'Green eggs and ham' over and over.. Their favourites!

    xx Charlotta

  4. Stumbled across your blog- what a beautiful blog- you are such a creative person!! It seems like I should know you because I went on a mission to Finland (small LDS world!) but now I understand why I don't know you- you moved to Canada right before I got to Finland (my mission was 1993-1994).

  5. charlotta: sienna made green eggs and ham in playschool once. :)

    natalie: kiitos! how's your finnish now? mine is terrible. :D tervetuloa uudelleenkin.


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