Saturday, January 1, 2011


 bye bye old national geographic wall calendar.

 hello new "pathways" wall calendar.
i love new beginnings.
so you can probably guess i love it when the year changes. the air is full of anticipation and excitement to see what the new year will bring. you can take inventory of the past year and remember all that happened.
we've been watching old home videos. the things you forget if you don't take videos or photos! how precious those memories are. i wish i didn't forget any of it. well, maybe the bad hairdos could disappear from memory, but then again, even that is fun to laugh at.
i don't know about you but i love getting a new wall calendar and a daytimer each year. i love writing down birthdays on them and plans for the new year. no messes yet. everything is nice and new.
it's so nice to decorate the house for christmas but it's just as nice to clean it all up after christmas. reorganize things. declutter. have something new in the house.
so happy twenty eleven everyone!
let's make it the best year yet.  
another attempt at facepainting today. it's still a struggle for me. it's so ackward to paint on a face. challenging for sure. it's funny how you look at some things and think "oh yeah, i could do that" but once you try, you realize it's not as easy as it looks. humbling. :) it's hard for me to find patience to learn things. i'm supposed to know right away how to do something. good luck with that, right? :) 
you can't probably tell from the picture but i used sparkly blue eyeshadow under the paint.
ps. i just had to do a posting today. how often do you get to write down a date like today's? :) 


  1. Mulla on kalenteri vielä tälle vuodelle hankkimatta. Haluaisin jonkun tosi kivan design-kalenterin. Tai Viivi & Wagner -kalenterin. Rudolf Koivun kalenteri olisi upea, saisi kuvista taulut lastenhuoneeseen. Äidillä on vanha Koivun kalenteri, joiden kuvista mun on pitänyt jo ikuisuuden kehystää taulut... Still waiting ;D

  2. mun valinnat oli melko suppeat silla jatin ostamisen joulun jalkeen. parhaimmat oli varmaan jo ostettu. itsekin olisin halunnut jonkun kiva taidekalenterin mutta luontoaihe on aina kaunis. ehka saat ne kuvat kehystettya kun lapset menee ylaasteelle. :) kuulostat vahan minulta. :)

  3. Isn't that crazy about the Finnish coincidences on my blog?!

    I recently tried facepainting for the first time, and was surprised by how difficult it was! I thought since I'm an artist, it would be easy, but no! Ha ha!

    Thanks for your always sweet comments on my blog!


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