Monday, January 3, 2011

{start it with some humor}

why a new blog?
  • bigger photo size.
  • slightly different color scheme.
  • a new year, a new blog.
  • i'm just trying to flummox* you all.
  • why not?
so hold on tight and hope you'll enjoy this new adventure with me. :)

* i'm going to be practising new words on my blog in order to expand my vocabulary. i'll be filing the words i want to learn under the label "word of the day".
flummox • \FLUM-uks\  • verb
  : confuse
 Ruth was flummoxed by the angry outburst and wild accusations that greeted her mild complaint.


  1. Onnea uuteen vuoteen ja uuteen blogiin ♥

  2. Ja uusi blogi on syntynyt... Blogia voit vaihtaa, mutta lukijat pysyy :D Hyvaa uutta vuotta! x


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