Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{this week}

life is busy at the moment. tons of cleaning to do after neglecting it for couple of weeks due to illness.

that’s my excuse anyways and i’m sticking to it. where is the cleaning fairy when you need her?

i’m looking forward to a babyshower later this week. such a good excuse to go and peruse all the new baby stuff. J

a friend of mine is also doing a my favorite things party. ten of us will bring 10 favorite things and everyone gets each other’s favorites. i’m curious to see what everyone will bring.

i’m also working on my very first guest blog post. pretty exciting, or what? J

oh and did i mention how wonderful it is that we’ve had the longest, snowiest, coldest winter ever. we get teased with mild temperatures only to find ourselves in the middle of another cold front. it was minus 38C this morning and over minus 20C as we speak. not impressed to say the least. it’s march for goodness sake. where, oh where, art thou spring?
at least it’s sunny and there are no mosquitos. how’s that for being optimistic? J

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  1. Ihana video :)
    Täällä Suomessa on ilma vaihteeksi lauhtunut ja ihana keväinen ilma.Toivottavasti sinnekin tulee pian lämmintä :)


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