Friday, May 13, 2011

{i'm addicted to exercise!!! what? is it the end of the world?}

i have finally found a form of exercise that i love:
brain exercise!
i just can't stop exercising. help! (i thought those words would never come out of my mouth J)
my grandma has alzheimers and my own memory is absolutely horrible at times.
you can exercise your brain just like you exercise the rest of your body.
if only regular exercise was this much fun... sigh. J
try it:

Find an expression to define the picture below, and then rearrange the letters of it to form a 9-letter word. LLL, for example, is THREE L'S, which is an anagram of SHELTER.


__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ = __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

here's another one:

Word Ladder
Change just one letter on each line to go from the top word to the bottom word. Do not change the order of the letters.



and one more:

It's Old
Can you determine the first letter in this progression?

__, E , L , N , D


  1. Mä koen tämmöisen 500 x rankempana, kuin fyysisen treenin! Blaah. En tajunnut, enkä edes jaksa yrittää tajuta... Ehkä mä oon fyysisesti kovassa kunnossa (YOU WISH! - yli kuukauden tauko takana!) mutta tyhmä kuin saapas vanhuksena xD

  2. et oo suvi tyhmä. enkuksi on vaikeampi miettiä tällaisia kuin suomeksi. mulla enemmän enkku kokemusta joten tulee helpommin jutut mieleen.

  3. Joo, mutta en mä näitä suomeksikaan tykkää tehdä.. Jotenkin ylivoimaista touhua :D


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