Sunday, September 18, 2011

{some things that made me smile}

Sienna's class made self portraits. this one cracks me up every time i see it. :D 

"My name is Sienna. I have an uncle named Robin. He is goofy. I like spaghetti."

it really should say pasgetti instead of spaghetti. that's how Sienna says spaghetti. :) 

here in Canada, we have a popular donut place called Tim Hortons. Sienna always says Tim Portons. :)

yet another gorgous sunset.
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  1. I love the name Sienna. That was one of my top names. And that self portrait rocks! I bet that sunset looked even more gorgous in person!

  2. the sunset is amazing and i giggled myself at that self portrait... oh my!


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