Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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On Saturday, we went to watch Chinese New Year celebrations at West Edmonton Mall.
The guy in this picture was fun. He moved mysteriously and kept changing masks so fast. It seemed impossible that he could change the masks without us noticing how he did it. Magical!
Other things we saw: lion dancing, Chinese music performances, kung fu (loved it! so much energy and it's incredible what they were doing), Chinese theatre and dancing.

We also watched the sea lion show for awhile. All I can say is: wow! One talented sea lion!

Christmas is over but I thought I'd share with you these. One of the teachers in Sienna's school had charicatures drawn for each of her students.

A theatre group came to Sienna's school and helped the grade 1 - 6 students perform Romeo & Juliet.
These Shakespeare drawings were made by grade 2 students. I think they are so adorable!

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