Monday, January 9, 2012

{who are these people?!!}

1. Hi! I'm Charles. Friends call me CK. I'm vegetarian and I love yoga. I've been to India four times. I work at a bookstore. I love to grow herbs in pots. I've taken some cooking lessons and my latest passion is to make my own salad dressings. I'm thinking of selling them at the local farmer's market. 

2. Hi! I'm Anne. I'm a violinist for the city symphony orchestra. I love romantic movies and gardening. I love to visit France and I always bring home all sorts of flea market finds.

3. I'm Esther. I have six grandchildren whom I adore. I like going for nature walks and knitting has always kept me busy. Lately I've picked up a photography hobby. I belong to the theatre club in my small town. My favorite was when I got to be Queen Elizabeth for the play "Grays Have More Fun".

4. Hi! I'm Bob. I have a boring 9-5 job. Lately I've been wanting to do a career change. I think it would be nice to work as a grocery store manager. I'm taking part-time management courses online. I don't really have any hobbies. Well, I do love to collect rare coins.

5. I'm Randy. I love my huge pick-up truck. I love to blast the music real loud while I'm driving. Chicks dig that. I work at a lumber yard but I dream about being a country singer. I'm known as "Roaring Randy" at the local karaoke bar. I know I'll never be famous but at least I can say that I know the words for over 500 country songs. Yeah baby!

6. Hi, I'm Susan. I just turned 16 and can't wait to become a teacher. I love to babysit. The kids always love me because I make balloon animals for them and tell silly jokes. I love to go camping with my family. Last summer was nasty though - those ants, I tell ya. Who knew we set up our tent on an ant hill. Anyways, I gotta go. Someone's texting me. Yey, it's Jason!

7. I'm Isabelle. You might recognize me from the Sprite commercial. I do some acting on the side while finishing up my law degree. People give me a hard time about wanting to be a prosecutor. They say I'm too cute to be one. I think I'll be ok. I've seen many crime shows and I often practise in front of the mirror. It's all about the eyes. You just got to stare them down, that's all. If I had some spare time, you'd find me on the beach.

8. It's Rob here. I'm a real estate agent. Business is a bit slow at the moment. I do some security work on the side until it picks up again. When I was younger, I was very athletic. I still play badminton with my buddy Ed.


  1. Eivät olleet tuttuja, mutta oli hauska tavata:-))

  2. :) jotenkin nuo tuntuivat ihan oikeilta ihmisiltä joten pakko oli keksiä keitä ovat. :D

  3. Kivoja, erilaisia tyyppejä. Randyn tukka on kyllä aika karsee :D Pyydä että Jay kasvattaa samanlaisen :'D


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