Monday, March 12, 2012

{mustaa ja valkoista}

I bought a photo album for my Project life pages. Black cloth. I added a Marimekko Focus print on the front.
So many circles. I'm in heaven! :)

Finished another page for the album. I love the 6 x 6" pages.

Siis voi että miten paljon tykkään Finglishistä. Niin hauskaa. :)

We've had +10C days lately. Snow has been melting. Sun is shining, which is pretty typical* for where I live on most days. I'm sure we'll still get some cold & snowy days but I can't help but feel like Spring is just around the corner. So this morning I made some butterflies for our wall.

Talvinen temppelikuva odottaa edelleen vaihtamista. Liian kylmä kuva mutta kun sain sen anopilta lahjaksi... Mutta aion silti vaihtaa sen! Kunhan muistan ja jaksan tsempata. :)

*Last September we had ONE rainy day, for example. It was mainly sunny.

 Lately I've been browsing houses that are on sale. There's a great website where you can see the houses that are on sale in any area of the city. Pictures of the inside & outside. As I was browsing the houses, I couldn't help but get a bit bummed out. The houses here are so not my style. Everything is traditional. I didn't find one minimalist, modern house. :(
So I spent some time browsing Scandinavian blogs and dreaming of a house/home like that. Needless to say I've been having black and white on my mind a lot.
I don't know if I could ever have bright white walls again. I do crave for color in my life. For warmness since the winters here are usually cold and long. But if you asked me right now, I'd paint everything black or white. :)
Then I'd add some deep purple or olive green or warm smokey gray or wood to the mix. Silver too.
I could do a lot with our current house, of course. But for some rotten reason, I'm just not a renovator type of person. Wish I was.

Cute, tiny summer cottage. :) Would make a fun art studio as well.

Haluan mustan himmelin!

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  1. Hahaa, laitoit meidätkin sinne :D <3

    Ihania nuo kotikuvat. Millon aloitat himmelin tekemisen? Mustia pillejä vaan ostamaan.

  2. jep, jep. :) pitää muistaa aina välillä säilyttää hauskoja keskusteluja. pitää patistaa jay tekemään musta himmeli. jay teki aikoinaan tavallisen himmelin (se on jayn vanhemmilla nykyään). ensin pitää löytää niitä mustia pillejä...


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