Tuesday, March 13, 2012

{rocks rock!}

I finally decorated these. The top one is my favorite.

This is where I keep my Project Life journaling cards. More Marimekko! Can never have enough. :)

Today is a very special day for me. It "only" took me 20 years to apply for it but this afternoon I'm going to become Canadian. I'm already quite emotional about it. I'm pretty sure I'll be crying my eyes out during O Canada. 


  1. Such cute rocks! I would like to know how :) I would like to do something similar with a group of girls for summer camp ranging from age from 12-18. Are these simple or did you freehand and do you have directions? They are so pretty.

    1. I think they are simple to make. You just need smooth rocks and a permanent black marker that has a thin tip. I just drew them freehand. I also made tiny rocks and you can see those on my September 24, 2012 blog post. I have a feeling you're lds. Hope your YW like this idea. :)


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