Thursday, April 19, 2012

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For many years, I’ve had this idea of a little gift shop called Feelin’ Blue. It would be a place where women could come and enjoy beautiful things to cheer them up. I would sell all sorts of gift items, décor, gourmet chocolate J, thoughts and poems framed in beautiful frames. Etc.

The colors of the little shop would be: blue (of course), black, white, gray, silver and light wood color. The items I would sell would mainly be those colors as well.
There would be twinkly lights on the ceiling, beautiful mirrors, flowers…

 Well, I know for sure that I don’t want to own a retail store. Crazy working hours, hard to go on holidays, long days… I would only open such a shop if I was a millionaire and wouldn’t have to worry about the money part at all. Then I could hire people to work there and I would only buy the items to sell and be the person to decorate the shop.

Since I’m not a millionaire, I thought I’d create something similar in a different way.

So here we are. Feelin' Blue. My new blog baby.

Things you will find here:

Beautiful pictures, uplifting poems/thoughts, interviews with Etsy sellers/artists/crafts people, links to beautiful products, things that make you laugh, etc.

Thank you for coming and sharing this ride with me!   

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