Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I’m a sucker for art books. If I see a good one, I have to have it. This one caught my eye. Cute book!
I still dream about my own art studio. Lots of natural light, lots of table space, shelves to fill with supplies and art books…
A girl can dream, right?

Isn't it funny how parents sometimes wish their kids would do what they weren't able to do? Hence the art books I purchase for Sienna as well. J
I keep wishing she'll have some kind of artistic career. An artist, illustrate kids’ books, photographer…
But so far her choices have been either a paleontologist or a vet. J
You gotta let them do what their heart tells them to do. But until she actually makes that choice, I'll keep buying these books. And if it doesn't lead into an artistic career - so be it. At least we had ton of fun creating together.  

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