Friday, February 1, 2013

[just a quick hi]

"You are doing the best at packing Mommy. Ceep (keep) it up!" 

This past month has been crazy to say the least!

Packing and hauling boxes to the point we never want to see another moving box in our lives.
Cleaning, organizing.
All that while doing major renovations to our new home.
Never again! Please just shoot me if I ever mention “we should move” again.

We are still not done. More renovating waits here in our new home. Everything is still a big unorganized mess (did I mention we have way too much junk?).

I can already tell though that we are going to love our new home. Despite all the unfinished things, this house already feels like a home.

I must say I quite enjoyed stocking my new pantry shelves today. Pull out drawers make it so easy to reach everything and keep things organized.

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  1. Ihana viesti Siennalta! ♥

    Samaa keittiötä teillä siis tuntuu olevan, kuin meilläkin. :) Toimii :)



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