Friday, February 15, 2013

[laundry room photos]

I have a laundry room! I’m in love with this little room down the hall from the kitchen. Cupboards to store things in, big sink for dirtier cleaning jobs, built in drying rack…
I spent couple of hours cleaning the room this morning and now doing laundry will even be enjoyable.
The baseboards still need to be nailed in again. I also filled up the sink with water and cleaning solution to soak up the dried up paint before cleaning the tub super well.

These are the only magnets I’m putting on the fridge. Clean look is it for our new home.

Our dishes are in these large drawers instead of in higher cupboards. Easy access even for little ones.

Some Valentine’s Day fun even though things are not done yet.

And here’s my Valentine’s Day gift.
Jay knows me well. I'd rather have something like this than flowers.

Happy Friday everyone! J

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