Wednesday, December 24, 2014

[bye bye Elfie!]

Elfie's gone but he left an Elfie ornament for us plus a small toy for Sienna to wake up to on Christmas morning. 

Loved having you around again, Elfie!

The ornament was made by taking a photo of Elfie, printing it on cardstock and then gluing it on scrapbook paper. 

Merry Christmas everyone or Merry Whatever-you-celebrate-even-if-it's-just-time-off-from-work. 

Hope you get to spend some quality and quantity time with your family and friends. We went skating today (our daughter's first time) and was it ever fun. It's only been about 30 years since I've last skated. Shouldn't forget about the simple joys of life for such a long time.

All the best in 2015! Thanks for following my blog. No promises of a busier blog but I'll try not to let it completely die at least.

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