Monday, December 1, 2014

[Instagrams & Elfies's back]

I'm not a winter person, but I do love frosty trees. Gorgeous!

December family fun: 
Every time we do something nice to someone, we write it on a piece of paper and make a new heart link for our KINDNESS chain. We'll see how long our chain will be by Christmas.

What can I say? Winter can be so miserable when you're stuck in traffic. One day a 20 minute drive took us 2 hours!!
I kept telling myself "at least I don't live in Buffalo, NY".

We put our Christmas tree up yesterday. It feels like midnight so early in the evening now. Any extra lights are more than welcome.

And Elfie's back! Let the fun begin. This time I planned the month's activities in advance so that I don't have to scramble for ideas late in the evening. Now I'm even excited for Elfie's visit. ;)

No, Elfie doesn't bring gifts usually (some treats every once in awhile). Our daughter needed a music stand and we couldn't wait until Christmas. So might as well have Elfie bring it to her, right?

Here's a link to the ideas I have collected:

Not Buffalo, NY, yet but we did get about 30cm of snow in two days. My back is still hurting from all the shoveling. We have a huge driveway. Time to purchase a snow blower! :D

I love it that I can buy old fashioned advent calendars at the German store.

Love Christmas time! If you don't celebrate Christmas, then happy waiting for what ever you do celebrate even if it's just time of from work! :)

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